wit(h)ness(t)ing the emancipatory transcendence
2019, video with sound, 11min 8sec

In wit(h)ness(t)ing the emancipatory transcendence (2019), a performance- based video work as and installation,  I investigate the trans-valuation of the nipple. I am fascinated with ideas of queering the feminine body, and the space in between pleasure and reproduction in the signifier of the nipple – and the water as a space of transition and trans-mutation. The title is borrowed from Aesthetic Wit(h)nessing in the Era of Trauma by Grisenda Pollock (2010) – with the addition of the ness(t)ing as an additional refuge for gathering within a larger space of being with – along with Changing Difference by Catherine Malabou (2009). There’s a utopian proposition that something as ordinary as having a daily bath can be transformative in terms of relations between different bodies – the bath is grounding, communal, nothing spectacular happens in the bath.