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To Aristotle, hands represented strength, power, protection, generosity, hospitality and stability. Hands build, destroy, create, manifest, feel, and tell stories. They can oppress and empower. This is the dialectic the photographs are invested in – moving through years of oppressive acts towards economically underdeveloped nations, LGBTQ+ communities, immigrants, disabled bodies, and less fortunate ones. One click can change the lives of nations. Subtle movements can redirect and redistribute power and change the fate of nations, their religion, gender, and socio-political trajectory. But its important to remember here that it is not the hands of queer immigrants of color, women of color, disabled bodies and trans bodies that hold this power – I repeat – it is not on the hands of the under-represented and oppressed to change and redirected their lives to better futures–not yet at least. It is on the hands of the dominant culture to do so, for now.

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Shot with Pentax 6x7 black and white. Printed on hahnemuhle photo rag paper.