"I Wish I Could Eat You Alive" Solo Show

“I Wish I Could Eat You Alive” Solo show by Silvi Naci

I love working with copper because I feel that I am bringing fourth an image that lies beneath its surface.

Human boundaries deeply concern me, both the physical and mental. I am interested in history both written and unwritten. I bring breathing and existing worlds together: a meshed environment without physical, social, emotional or tangible boundaries. I reference art history and mythological stories in an era of rapidly changing technology. The images within the environment that I’ve created provoke different human responses. The images play off each other’s energy, origin and different stages of  mortality.

Humans constantly abuse nature. Our collective ego gives a false sense of empowerment. We assume that we can control but ultimately we are destined to destroy. My work juxtaposes this idea with that of the female body as a creator of life. A woman devoured by nature is a recurring theme. It is my way of thinking about beauty, mortality and life cycles. This tension between beauty and corruption is central to how I view the world. 

Featuring over 30 works: copper engraving, KM photopolymer prints, transfer prints, drawings, letterpress prints, and copper plates.

Opening Reception Friday May 16th 7-9pm
Show dates: may 4th-june 8th
silverymachine.com | Voltagecoffee.com 295 3rd Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142