The Joining Project


“The Joining Project” was conceived in the heart of an artist and runner as a wish to connect the Boston and Cambridge communities in a positive heartfelt experience. Using the Harvard Bridge as a psychical connector between the two cities, The Joining Project will stage various events that both uplift and knit the wishes for our cities together. This day-long event connects runners and artists, dancers and musicians, and MIT technologists from various communities to gather and link fresh, inspiring and positive experiences with The Boston Marathon.
The Boston Marathon brings together over 20,000 participant and over 500,000 spectators. In addition, the citizens of Cambridge and Boston host the marathon in a variety of exciting ways. The Joining Project wants to create fresh memories and associations with marathon day by creating a celebration between the two cities. The connection that knitting and crocheting artists make are beyond warmth and comfort, they are personal and joyful. Joy, personal connections, and thousands of wishes are what we want to offer the participants and spectators of the Boston Marathon 2014.
The Harvard Bridge connects Boston and Cambridge and has thousands of people walk, run, bike, and drive this bridge daily. The bridge views are spectacular, making it a perfect spot for the celebration. The event will have artists, crocheters, knitters, light performance artists from various communities start at each end of the bridge on the sidewalks covering the railing with thousands of wishes and expressive knitting. The artists will work next to the railing and not disturb normal foot traffic. Passers by will be invited to participate along with everyone else. Letterpress “wish” tags will be available by our volunteers to race participants, bikers, runners, artists and all citizens, and will be encouraged to participate in joining our city, our people, and our hearts for a happier, stronger Boston.


When:  Late May (early June) – September 2014
Where: Harvard Bridge, Massachusetts (Mass Ave Bridge)
May installation of knit and crochet artists + hanging "wish" tags on the bridge
Morning run with November Project crew + hanging "wish" tags on the bridge
Dance performance from The Dance Complex, traveling musicians, + “wish” tags and light performances.

Night Performances:
Lighting performancet
Dancing and music
Tying “wish” tags


When the Naci family moved to Boston from war-torn Albania in 2001, Silvi neither spoke English nor was familiar with the life in America. Most families come to the States looking for a better life, and education, yet Silvi was looking for a world that appreciated free expression. Despite obvious barriers Silvi immediately began working and volunteering for The City of Boston Mural Crew that revitalized and inspired entire neighborhoods, attended Boston Arts Academy high school, and obtained a dual degree in Fine Arts and Graphic Design from Suffolk University. 

Community has always been in the forefront of Silvi’s mind while growing up: every art project, curated art show and personally-led social mission has been to bring people from different disciplines together to create something greater, with a bigger impact for our community and inspiration for a better city. From curating shows in different galleries in Boston (Fourth Wall Gallery, Blanc Gallery, and the Distillery in South Boston) to being Partner in the Wellness company, Silvi strives to not only impart others with great revelations, but also the motivation to create other amazing experiences for the community. Silvi sees the beauty in her city and only wants to enrich it with inspirational art and memorable experiences.


Art Director: Silvi Naci
Lead Designer: Laia Albaladejo 
Outreach: Martha O’Connell (Artist, Youth Arts Program Manager)
Website: Alex List (MIT, C.O.O. at ExoMachina and CEO/Owner at List Consulting)
Social Media: Silvi, Martha, Laia, David Tolmei, Alex List
Volunteers: Art students, runners, bikers, citizens, friends

Please email me your info and images of your work if you would like to "Join" the project!

Everyone is invited to participate and join the project!


See below specs of the bridge and examples of knit art. Email me if you have further questions.

Screen shot 2014-02-02 at 7.37.36 PM.png
Screen shot 2014-01-31 at 8.38.02 PM.png
Screen shot 2014-01-31 at 8.37.50 PM.png