Fourth Wall Project Interview

Great interview with Oliver from Fourth Wall Gallery. Also featuring some photos from Street Diamonds II show.

Boston’s Bodega went from an upstart to a world-renowned streetwear boutique in just a few years. Some time around their third anniversary, the owners, Dan Natola, Oliver Mak, and Jay Gordon, took a unique step: they opened an art gallery. And not just in any old place—they snapped up a spot about a thousand feet from Fenway Park, Boston’s most lasting, recognizable landmark. In a city known for its artists but not its own art scene, establishing Fourth Wall Projectwas no small feat.

The reasons for such an unorthodox step run deep. The Bodega guys might be crazy—near or even ahead of the curve of the relationship between art, culture, and fashion—and have taken this approach to curating Fourth Wall. Founded in 2009 as a way “to turn dormant commercial spaces into pop up gallery spaces reclaiming urban space for public art projects and progressive exhibitions,” the project has grown into a permanent 3,000-square foot gallery that has exhibited both international and local artists and cultural events.

Oliver, a.k.a. DJ Gucci Vuitton, was cool enough to talk about the gallery while drawing in his spare time. He had a mouthful to say about Boston, art, and geometry.

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Nineta & Lego